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Why do colds and flu strike in winter?
As we head into winter, we may be more likely to catch a cold. But why is that, and how does weather affect our chances of coming down with the flu?

Why does my body ache?
Body aches often occur alongside other symptoms. Recognizing other symptoms can help a person identify the cause and whether they should see a doctor.

E-cigarette flavorings may impair heart muscle function
By studying heart muscle cells in the laboratory, researchers found that some flavorings in e-cigarette liquids, such as citrus, may have harmful effects.

What is bigeminy?
A look at bigeminy, a condition where the heart's rhythm feels off-kilter. Included is detail on the definition and diagnosis of the condition.

Eight low-sugar fruits
Eating fruit can help ensure a person gets enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Learn more about which fruits have low sugar contents.

Type 1 diabetes: Could modified blood stem cells lead to a cure?
Researchers found that modifying blood stem cells to raise their levels of a T cell-blocking protein called PD-L1 reversed hyperglycemia in diabetic mice.